Schiebers & Trainers – Johno37, 2023

[02.27 min]

The Cherry Orchard, 2022

The longing for the uncertain can lead to freedom.

Zhenya plays in the theater at school. There she meets Vera, who inspires admiration in her. As she spends more time with Vera and her friends, she feels truly free for the first time. A freedom that would never be possible to live out in her conservative family. Situations that go against imposed normalities, but give her a sense of freedom, move her to admit for herself and act where she once only observed.

An upcoming shortfilm directed by Margarita Kojkov and Patrick Schardt and shot by me and Emilia Riedmann.

[14.00 min]

Wäre ich gerne ein Pornostar Nand, 2022

Musicvideo for german musician “Nand”.
Directed by Laura Schüssel & Bora Güler, shot by me.

BTS by Patrick Schardt.

[03.43 min]

GoSee: Luisa, 2022

Artesian Well, 2022

Where are the boundaries between dreams and memories?

The “Artesian Well” describes a phenomenon of groundwater, which, similar to some memories, simply emerges without warning.
This ongoing series shows photographic stagings and reenactments of various dreams and first memories by myself and others. The focus here was also the fine line between remembering and not remembering. Which moments and mental images would one like to carry longer in one's subconscious or consciousness and which would one rather forget?

[8 digital prints – 1200 x 900mm, 800 x 650mm, 400 x 500mm]