Wer Teufel möchte Teufel sein
Those without power pursue those with power; they strive for more than they are. The effects of this are felt inwardly or outwardly, depending on the mental state and spiritual attitude.So what happens to people who are decaying and lost in religious delusion?Abstract and timeless – living and consuming their own illusion.

Produced by Margarita Kojkov, Max Muthig and Tim Wolf.

Special thanks to Prof. Henning Rogge-Pott, Katrin Krammer, Herbert Hausmann, Ursula Bertelmann, Michelle Neise, Sebastian Lederer, Marie Sophie Müller, Johannes Beck, Katrin Muthig, Ralf Endres, Gabi Münch, Gwendolyn von Ambesser and Hans Herr.